Legacy Modernization

If you answer YES, call us:
• Are you experiencing long processing times?
• Are maintenance costs more than half your IT expenses?

Delivers success by:
• Creating competitive advantage
• Experiencing better performance
• Designing more reliable processes
• Acquiring data & reporting results
• Keeping IT infrastructures secure
• Introducing simpler integration with digital platforms
• Improving bottom-lines by lowering IT costs

ePMO (Enterprise Project Management Office)

If you answer NO, call us:
• Are your projects and goals complementing each other?
• Do you have a resource that understands how to support multiple projects and your operations, at the same time?

Delivers success by:
• Reporting on both project progress and status of strategic goals
• Establishing KPIs for measuring progress
• Providing Gap Analysis
• Standardizing processes

Change Management

If you answer YES, call us:
• Are you looking for greater growth without adding resources?
• Is your organization aligned to perform as expected?

Delivers success by:
• Providing readiness assessments
• Coaching and training stockholders
• Acquiring data & feedback for analyses
• Creating rewards, celebrations, & recognitions
• Post-project – lessons learned
• Continual improvement processes

Virtual CFO

If you answer YES, call us:
• Do you need financial advice, but can’t afford a full-time CFO?
• Do you have cash flow issues?
• Do you have a strong grasp on your budget, your goals, and your forecasting?

Delivers success by:
• Providing timely strategic insights
• Planning monthly closings occur within 5 days
• Coaching and training existing financial staffs
• Acquiring data & reporting results
• Creating strategies to move your business forward
• Guiding continual improvement processes

AccuComp Overview

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Plans & Pricing

We Need 30 Minutes of Your Time

We Need 30 Minutes of Your Time

To match your needs to our services, we need to know:

  • During our online meeting with us, we will gain an understanding of your organization. Please bring your latest financials, estimate of monthly transactions, ERP/financial system in use and strategic plans. We will just view these details, so we can ask relevant questions. Our interest is helping your plans become realities.
  • Send a non-compete agreement to us before we talk.
  • Answering your questions as to how we deliver services, will be your key “takeaway.”
  • Adding additional services will be also discussed.
  • Agreeing on the next steps will conclude our meeting.
  • Providing you a quote, will occur within 48 business hours of our meeting.
  • Upon contractual agreement, services will begin using the 1-week trial period.

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Let’s Talk
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What Our Fantastic Clients Say

We were referred to AccuComp Enterprises and brought Cesar in to assist our business as interim Controller.

  • He and his team provided us with experienced guidance and added value during the period he worked with us.
  • Having the benefit of his expertise on an “as needed” basis was invaluable to our company.
  • His rates were reasonable and well worth the services he provided.
  • I highly recommend AccuComp Enterprises and Cesar Martinez to anyone who has need of a high degree of financial/business sophistication and expertise but is not yet ready or able to commit to employing a full-time Controller.

Alexander Magno,
VP Client Executive Services – NTT Data Corp.

Team ACE℠ took on the role of organizing a business district

  • into an effective decision-making neighborhood organization, while working with various stakeholders.
  • They worked well in a group environment, and were able to get the involvement of many business owners and derived the best results possible.
  • They have an effective personal style, and provided continuous leadership with our Boston Main Streets efforts.

I have respect for AccuComp Enterprises, professionally, and believe they will bring energy, optimism, passion, and creativity to your business.

Andre M. Porter,
ED – Massachusetts Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

I have known Brenda Martinez for the better part of 15 years. In that timespan I have been privileged to have been a member of several of her teams.

I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from her guidance. I benefitted greatly from being in her employ.

Brenda’s strengths are always positively reinforced by her ability to quickly and efficiently establish a clear path to a project’s desired end and her strict attention to detail.

She also always finds a way to effectively communicate, with clarity, her vision of arriving at the defined goal to her teams, stakeholders and client staff.

Donald Lyons,
Sr Accountant Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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