Amid the Covid-19 crisis, we have become painfully aware of the fragility of supply chains and other critical systems. Your resilience is critical to your long-term survival. Can your organization absorb stress, recover your loss of critical functionality, and thrive as business circumstances change?

Each today we are presented with dynamic and unpredictable business environment shifts.  Our technological evolution is reacting to external forces to remain competitive and maintain our customers.  As we advance to be ready for what comes next, this will require being prepared for currently unidentified risks. Let us identify these potential stresses now and turn them to our advantage.

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Building Your Resilient Organization

  1. Analyzing Core Functionalities
    • Do you have redundancy of systems, people, or suppliers?
    • Does your cross-functional team have back-ups to step in for them?
    • Are your operational systems and associated IT teams planning for recovery if there are disruptions or illness?
    • Do your teams practice the 3 scenarios monthly to ensure your readiness?
    • Does your supply team have backups for disruptions to primary suppliers’ deliveries?
    • Are you focusing on your data analytics to provide readiness for catastrophic failures?
  2. Using data for driving decision-making
    • Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making.
    • Unify your data silos and build end-to-end analytics to support your business activities.
    • Use predictive models and advanced analytics to optimize your business processes and find new opportunities.
    • Discover actionable insights to prevent disruptions and customer negative impacts.
    • Encourage teams to make collaborative recommendations.
    • Obtain financial projections from the finance team for each scenario: 1/ ransomware. 2/ breaches, and 3/ system disruptions.
    • Discuss recommendations with the Rapid Response team.
    • Get analytics tools, based on your business needs.
    • Review analysis of the effects of modifications and verify optimization.
    • Generate reports that are designed for teams to understand and work directly with data.
  3. Reviewing data regularly
    • Test your ransomware and system disruption daily.
    • Design an analytics program to monitor and provide data for your Rapid Response team to review as an “early warning” process for possible disruptions.
    • Verify daily your communications to your test database of customers.
    • Request a secure drive for these tasks, which sends you daily results to a separate secure text.
    • Select a tactical team of SME’s to conduct daily stand-ups, so you are ready, aware, and responsive to any disruptions or inefficiencies as they occur.



Resilience represents not just an opportunity to mitigate your risk, but your opportunity for your competitive advantage.  Your sustained performance would be the foundation of your continuing growth!

AccuComp Enterprises collaborate with business and technology leaders to support the formulation and execution of transformational strategies. As your business partner, together, we can achieve your intended business outcomes by bringing the best of process re-engineering, technology experiences, and advanced business analysis.

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