With COVID-19, we are learning something new every day about how to shift strategies for our organizations to go beyond just surviving.  For many, the toughest obstacle awaits- how to bring your business back.

As a leader, the best way to navigate the unexpected is to evaluate the situation and create cross-functional teams to advise you, so your decisions are based both on data and well-informed top-to-bottom trust.

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  • Diligent executive project manager offering a proven record of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects; business transformation leader with more than 25 years of project management experience and as a financial executive, leading to being Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the City of Boston.
  • As a business strategist, I planned and managed multimillion-dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage, and bottom-line gains; Collaborated with multiple customer entities to conceptualize and implement innovative manufacturing processes, cost-saving supplier metrics, and digital enablement road-maps.
  • An influential visionary with an empowering and motivational leadership style that brings out the best in all project participants, both internal and client staffs; create alliances in efforts to achieve business goals, and quickly turns negative financials into positives.

My LinkedIn profile is at  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bjmartinez/.

Crafting Your Next Phase –Successful Resurgence

  1. Organizing for Boosting Revenues
    • Create a Rapid Response team with knowledge to perform research, determine a plan of action, obtain your buy-in, and effectively execute.
    • Task your cross-functional team to review how existing technology could be more effectively utilized.
    • Encourage your teams to consider enhancing and expanding digital tech.
    • Ask your Customer Experience team to compare your existing customer interactions with those of your competition and updated industry standards, to form recommendations for adaptations.
    • Request your financial team to prepare 3 scenarios:  1/ No Change; 2/Optimistic and 3/Original 2020 Projections.
    • Verify that the supply chain team has strategies with contractual flexibilities to be ready to commence by 1/1/21, based on all scenarios.
    • Focus on the reskilling sales team to support updated customer experience and digitized sales processes.
  2. Prioritizing Opportunities
    • Direct Rapid Response to identify 3 best opportunities for new business.
    • Obtain recommendations from the financial team as to how to reallocate spending to support and to project revenues for each opportunity.
    • Prioritize campaigns based on the best rate of return.
    • Retrain the entire organization to operate using agile methods.
    • Analyze where the possibilities of leveraging ‘as a service” could be applied.
    • Look for tasks in your operations that could be modified to deliver greater responsiveness to customers through nimble interconnections.
    • Reconstruct your sales team to take strategic advantage of opportunities when they occur or be able to create them.
  3. Delivering Results
    • Adjust digital tech initiatives to address changing customers’ expectations.
    • Apply operations analysis to create streamlined operations.
    • Prepare your entire staff for new volumes.
    • Select a tactical team of SME’s to conduct daily stand-ups, so you are ready, aware, and responsive to any changes in forecasted demand.
    • Integrate processes, data, decision making, and implementing changes dedicated to matching priorities of customer retention and revenue gains.



Times of change force innovation and offer opportunities. Speed, resiliency, and stamina are components of managing change, but most important is staying cognizant of the impact on your teams. Your human management strategy will be the key to your successful resurgence.

AccuComp Enterprises collaborate with business and technology leaders to support the formulation and execution of transformational strategies. As your business partner, together, we can achieve your intended business outcomes by bringing the best of process re-engineering, technology experiences, and advanced business analysis.

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We are all in this together!

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