The coronavirus has created great uncertainty, elevated stress and anxiety, and triggered market turmoil.  Now you must lead your people to focus only on your company’s future andnot pay attention to their current anxieties.

Right now, information is either unavailable or inconsistent, which adds to folks feeling unsure about how to respond to current conditions.  It is during these times, when your words, vision, and recommendations will provide direction and security throughout your organization.

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Be positive.  You built an effective organization, prior to COVID-19 and you will do again!

  1. Sharing your vision
    • Provide the context about the “big picture” for your employees to understand why change is occurring.
    • Create a messaging platform so that the reason for your forward vision and planning is clear.
    • Make it simple, compelling, and meaningful.
    • Use bulleted lists to keep content precise.
    • Put the most important content in boldface type.
    • Create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on your platform, for later employee reference.
  2. Communicating clearly, simply, and frequently
    • Develop training for employees whose daily work is most affected.
    • Connect with employees in a consistent manner and weekly through virtual “all hands” meetings and post the meeting minutes on your platform.
    • Share all information as it becomes available to dispel rumors.
    • Repeat, repeat, and then do more repeating.
  3. Building trust
    • Be honest.
    • Show your vulnerability.
    • Foster a culture of collaboration and learning.
    • Maintain transparency.
    • Remind them of your prior successes and that under your leadership how well your business was doing.
  4. Forming Your Growth Team
    • Select team leaders from every operational function to participate.
    • Discuss your “rebuilding” vision with your team leaders for “buy-in” and commitment.
    • Share your Growth team analysis daily, so every team leader can respond to the effect of updated data on their function.
    • Adapt processes and systems, as required from updated data.
    • Lead your organization in adjusting to your shifting business portfolio to maximize opportunities and minimize negative impacts.



Measuring flexibility, adaptation, and collaboration among your teams are critical tofor you to achieve your future vision. Your future resilience represents not just an opportunity to mitigate risk, but also to gain your competitive advantage.

Sustained performance is what will set your business apart – Your positive future awaits.

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We are all in this together!

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