The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic woes across the globe. Your brand needs to connect with your existing and future customers that will win their loyalty.

Today, you are competing to deliver the best customer experience or service you can.  It is paramount that you evaluate your current customer experience.  Your customer requires clarity and optimization across a myriad of touchpoints and interactions. Are you ready to improve your digital technologies and modify your processes to enhance your customers’ experience?

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Excellence in Digital Customer Experiences

  1. Evaluating where you are today
    • The first order is to form your cross-functional team – who will answer two questions, weekly.
    • How did you reach your pre-pandemic customers, and now?
    • If you have lost customers, how are you going to re-establish your pre-existing relationship?
    • Have you obtained data from your top ten customers, so you know what is working, before changing your customers’ experience?
    • What is your industry doing now to attract customers?  Competitors?
    • How does that data compare to how your existing customers find you?
    • Are you ready to make upgrades/modifications that are indicated?
    • How does your IT staff rate your security?  Is your IT meeting industry standards?
  2. Educating your people
    • Has your cross-functional team developed your Digital Customer Experience Excellence strategy?
    • Have you prioritized your DCEE optimization tasks to bring you the highest return?
    • Are you leading your organization toward a digital excellence mindset?
    • Have you determined how to collect your data and provide feedback analytics?
    • Are you showcasing your new digital customer experience to your top ten customers, and receiving feedback?
    • Has your cross-functional team created means for sharing results immediately, so your people can gauge what is working and what requires modification?
  3. Building your customers’ experience
    • What has your cross-functional team designed which meets the following criteria:  ease of access, enjoyable experience, and is functional for internal data collection?
    • Where does your interaction create “loyalty?” Personalization?
    • Are you collecting information that can be used for your future sales?
    • What technologies are you using to capture, analyze, and report customer information in real-time to your entire organization?
    • Are you following up on every sale to know why the customer made the purchase and asking if there is more that your business can offer?
  4. Getting your employees to be creative
    • Are you discussing customer interaction at all meetings?
    • How do you reward your employees’ new ideas and encourage meeting DCEE goals?
    • Do you employees feel they are building a customer-oriented culture?
    • Is “customer experiences” on agenda for all meetings?
    • Is your cross-functional team continuing to upgrade technology to support everyone’s customer experience improvement efforts?



Great news.  Customer experience optimization never ends.  Your people will continue to create new ways of interacting with your customers.  Set clear priorities, while maintaining your feedback loop, to know you are delivering continually improving customer experiences.

These efforts will convert into enhanced revenues.  Effective optimization will produce positive financial results.In these times offering outstanding digital customer experience is a matter of survival!

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