The Challenge:
Aging Technology

Aging IT systems bring issues that affect your organization’s long-term sustainability.

  • Will you continue to be able to maintain the availability of software and hardware that support your vital systems?
  • Where will you find people with the knowledge to service your aging systems?
  • How will you support changing business requirements and emerging technologies?
  • The current business environment pressures enterprises to deliver value using the most current data in the most cost effective way. Legacy systems are a barrier to innovation. Modernizing legacy applications and processes gives your business agility and improves the customer experience. We modernize our clients’ large-scale systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) to similar SaaS offerings using cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the internet.
  • The challenge of legacy migration is reconciling the current-state to the future-state: The current-state is a tangle of undocumented legacy code and purchased applications. The future-state considers long-term technical trend, business considerations, digital product offerings, and revenue streams. The legacy modernization journey happens within the context of budgets and timelines, with business value delivered along the way.
 Business Transformation Experts

Partnering with AccuComp connects you to a firm that will help your enterprise grow. Our first step will be to evaluate your internal processes for effectiveness and efficiency. We are ready to answer the question “How exactly do you see us working together?”

There’s no reason for your operation to waste high-level time on low-level activities. Team ACESM’s approach drives business and technical outcomes by interviewing stakeholders and reviewing legacy systems in the context of what they do now, then reconciling application capabilities to the desired future-state.

to Your Digital Transformation

By focusing on emerging technologies Digital Transformation:

  • Accelerates organizational activities
  • Lowers costs
  • Improves time to market
  • Brings positive change

…in your processes, employees, and business requirements.

Digital Transformation is the key to innovation in all aspects of your organization. The effects will be transformative.

Team ACESM leads clients to cloud computing as a better way to ensure you get the applications you need to support your business. Instead of managing your applications yourself, you just sign up and receive service — like you would from a utility. This makes it faster, easier, and more cost effective to get started. The cloud is the way to grow, no matter the size of your enterprise. You’re free to spend more time on improvement and innovation, fine tuning your organization so it can grow.

 Business Transformation Experts

Partnering with AccuComp brings to you a team that understands your need for more speed, scale, and accuracy. We combine cloud computing with strategies aimed at speeding up time-to-market, improving product quality, and listening to customers.

Benefits for Your Enterprise:

♦ Improving operations and customer support while saving on costs and enabling employees to work remotely.
♦ Scaling computing investments as you grow.
♦ Creating a flexible system that connects customers to employees 24/7.

——The fastest path to attaining growth goals is through cloud-based APPLICATIONS. —–

Immediate Access to Data

Real-time analytics drives new business models and is a primary catalyst driving the revolution in selling, manufacturing, and service.

Business intelligence power enables enterprises of any size to apply real-time analytics.

Cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing is essential to delivering value.

To proceed with your digital transformation, Team ACESM will collaborate with your senior management to create teams of employees from all levels. The importance of employee buy-in required for success in these transformation efforts can’t be overstated: promotion of the initiative inside your business is critical.

Team ACESM believes that clearly communicating your plan and vision is just as important as creating your strategy. Together, we’ll convince employees of the value of digital transformation by sharing news, working closely with teams at all levels, and holding weekly meetings that provide information, transparency, and individualized training to prepare for the changes ahead.

 Business Transformation Experts

Partnering with AccuComp moves your enterprise toward becoming an on-demand organization where better decisions come faster. Your organization gains:

An understanding of where data is created and how it can be used in decision-making

Actionable intelligence—from historical and real-time data—to continuously improve business processes

The ability to deliver products and value-added services…at the moment customers demand them

A defense against the negative consequences of delays

Responsive, transparent relationships with customers in real time, across all channels, increasing retention and driving up revenue

Access to pricing strategies built on precise measures of elasticity by key customer, sales channel, and other factors

Improved forecast demand and on-time delivery accuracy

The power to predict which fulfillment, service, and support strategies will contribute most to your bottom-line, and to long-term customer value and loyalty

Digital Transformation Services

With Team ACESM having identified the key challenges for your business, together we will evaluate digital transformation alternatives.

The range of the alternatives may include changing or redesigning products or services, moving to cloud apps or upgrading IT infrastructure.

Building Digital Ecosystems

  • Integrate your processes: Your business will no longer operate in silos. By applying our expertise in the cloud, connectivity, and big data we’ll develop an integrated ecosystem that supports your digital transformation.
  • Monetize the data from your ecosystem: We’ll use the data from your process solutions to develop new features and offerings that improve your bottom line and get new solutions for your customers to market faster.
  • Transform operations: When processes fit together in a digital ecosystem, efficiency naturally improves.
  • Build a strong IT infrastructure: An integrated digital ecosystem ensures the best match between your business goals and the IT infrastructure that supports them.
 Business Transformation Experts
 Business Transformation Experts

Our digital transformation services help your business eliminate as many manual steps in your workflow as possible. We’ll help you take advantage of technology to make work easier, speed up your processes, and redesign your workflows with employee buy-in.  You’ll utilize new technology to engage with customers and gain a true understanding of how your strategic plans can be achieved and measured.

Team ACESM works with you and your senior management to stay focused on what your business is trying to accomplish, rather than prioritizing the technology or how IT operates. We will lead a defined project or business initiative targeting a revenue growth objective, a cost savings goal, or a competitive benchmark. Identifying what role the collection, analysis, and application of data play in these strategic initiatives is a key dimension of your digital transformation.

After we identify the key challenges for your business, Team ACESM will evaluate the range of digital transformation alternatives which might include changing or redesigning products or services, moving to cloud apps, or upgrading IT infrastructure.
 Business Transformation Experts
 Business Transformation Experts