Team ACESM is gifted at analyzing complex problems and identifying a range of possible solutions. We represent strong “people leadership” — leading teams of highly motivated MBAs in diverse business environments, with a mixed set of skills and backgrounds, focused on your success as they collaborate with you to lead your employee population forward.


Provide Unique Solutions
For Your Success

César E. Martínez, MBA
CEO/Lead Partner

Cezar E Martinez
  • 38 years of experience developing profitable strategies and implementing visions for client organizations
  • Turned around an underperforming $410 million global enterprise
  • Strong understanding of corporate and non-profit finance and performance management principles
  • An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills
  • Reversed losses into profits, serving as catalyst for growth and expansion
Cezar E. Martinez

Stephen McNeill, MBA
Chief Turnaround
Restructuring Officer

Stepen McNeill
  • Interim/Turnaround Management. Participate in long-term turnarounds serving as Chief Financial Officer or Advisor. Includes the preservation and rebuilding of core businesses, negotiation with lenders, recruitment of new management, and obtaining new financing

  • Cash Management. Manage through liquidity restraints, including bank negotiations, vendor negotiations, cash management, and refinancing

  • Profit Improvement. Analyze and implement plans to improve earnings and cash flow of various business operations

  • Financial Advisory. Provide management and boards with council on issues often not dealt with before, such as the sale of their business, liquidity constraints, or litigation management

City Brockton

Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

Brenda Martinez
  • Leading Transformations.  Directed upgrade for health insurance provider’s web portal, designed change management processes, and delivered a mobile app; realized business goals with transparency.
  • Project Management Transformation. Collaborated with business leaders to formulate the methodology for evaluating project intake process into clear, simple steps. Structured, defined, and managed initiatives to achieve mission-critical goals consistently.
  • Empowered and Mobilized Project Managers. Nurtured an idea-sharing environment, encouraging and embracing both positive and best practices to produce ongoing organizational growth. Helmed and synergized international teams culminating in new effectiveness.
  • Organizational Change Management. Created an innovative approach to upgrade operations & finance processes while sunsetting legacy systems. Prescribed solutions that yielded productivity advancements, service optimization, and systems flexibility to evolving requirements.
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We work TOGETHER to generate continuing SUCCESS.

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Your PROBLEM is our OPPORTUNITY to demonstrate our BEST.

Enterprise Building Organized

Partnering with AccuComp will bring solutions to your operational challenges by aligning best-of-breed systems with your business objectives.

Enterprise Building Organized
Uncovering Your Hidden Revenue Opportunities Together

Partnering with AccuComp will guide you in establishing CRM to use customer data and predictive analytics to find opportunities within your prospect pools and existing customer base.

Unlocking Your Legacy System Data
Risk Management Minimized

Partnering with AccuComp introduces you to a new method of strategy-setting and improves your organization’s likelihood of strategic success through enhanced proactive risk thinking.

Uncovering Your Hidden Revenue Opportunities Together
Defining What Digital Transformation Means For Your Business

Partnering with AccuComp will improve your organization’s workflow and the structure of your information so that processes are streamlined and staff performance is improved.

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital processes and tools to achieve strategic business goals.


Risk Management Minimized
digital transformation accucomp
Establishing Your Digital Transformation Processes

Partnering with AccuComp provides your enterprise with a powerful business tool that delivers guidelines, techniques, and repeatable processes to manage your staff and projects.

Digital transformation is about changing how teams work together, not just which technologies they use.


Systematic Approach to Business Process Management
digital transformation accucomp enteprises
Integrating Total Quality Management

Partnering with AccuComp will integrate all of your functions and processes, to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of products and services that best satisfy the continuously changing requirements of your customers.

Digital transformation will ultimately make your enterprise more efficient, effective, and resilient.


Advantages of Superior Project Management
digital transformation in USA
Team ACESM is gifted at ANALYZING PROBLEMS and identifying a range of POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS.
We leverage strong “PEOPLE LEADERSHIP” to direct teams of highly-motivated MBAs with mixed skillsets and backgrounds who COLLABORATE with you to focus on your SUCCESS as you lead your employee population forward.