65% of the businesses that are thriving during this pandemic are Customer-Centric. The relationship between customer satisfaction and faster growth is clear. Delivering a positive experience to customers builds loyalty and lasting, long-term relationships.

You and your teams need to move from processing transactions to building relationships.  Combining a Customer-Centric mindset, while providing speed and convenience, will result in high marks for customer satisfaction.

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Nurturing Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

  1. Creating databases of customer data
    • What & when do your customers buy?
    • Does every employee who speaks directly to a customer have access to your customer database for personalized interactions?
    • Has each functional team reviewed your database and developed a “Customer-Centric Strategy” for each team?
    • Has each operational team defined their KPI’s to set “Customer-Centric” success goals, and monitor progress towards ensuring lasting, long-term customers with a high degree of satisfaction?
    • Are your customer data analytics discussed in each meeting, so company-wide all employees understand they have a role in the success of “Customer-Centric” efforts?
    • Do you have a customer portal to share helpful information with your customers directly while providing self-service options like knowledge bases, histories of service requests, and chat services?
  2. Adjusting to measure your customer success
    • Inspire each employee to define their work in terms of “Customer-Centric” success activities.
    • Request that each team shares actionable insights to improve customer experience, customer touchpoints, and new ways of gaining customer loyalty.
    • Unify your data to provide data by customer: interactions, and customer touch-points details.
    • Roll-up data and calculate each team’s performance scores.
    • Provide each team leader with scores for follow-up and monitoring.
    • Use predictive models and advanced analytics, to optimize your customer interactions processes, and to find new opportunities to expand your customer base.
    • Discover actionable insights to prevent customer loss and negative impacts.
    • Select cross-functional team members to create your customer portal.
    • Encourage teams to make collaborative recommendations for how your business measures success, quality customer touchpoints, and rewarding futuristic “customer gauging” ideas.
    • Discuss recommendations with operational teams.
    • Agree on “Customer-Centric” success plans.
    • Obtain company-wide “buy-in” to focus all processes on being more “Customer-Centric.”
    • Update analysis of the effects of modifications and verify optimization.
    • Generate reports that are designed for teams to understand and work directly with data to improve customer interactions and satisfaction.
  3. Practicing “Customer-Centric” Techniques
    • Promote active listening → lets the customer finish speaking before suggesting resolutions.
    • Ensure each employee personally responds to customer complaints or comments.
    • Learn situation-saving language when speaking with customers.
    • Restate your mission statement to reflect “Customer-Centric” values.
    • Verify daily that all operational team leaders are reviewing team communications with your customers for possible improvement.
    • Recognize in each of your “All Hands” virtual meetings those who have been praised by customers and have voiced ideas for improvement.
    • Add “Customer-Centric” success strategies as a topic for your tactical team of SME’s to address during their daily stand-ups, so you are ready, aware, and responsive to any negative interactions or customer transaction inefficiencies as they occur.
    • Call your top ten customers monthly just to check-in and know that their opinion of your company remains positive, and to offer “special deals”, just for them.



Customer satisfaction is an excellent benchmark for measuring your business’s ability to meet customer needs effectively. Shifting your focus to be “Customer-Centric” demonstrates your clear commitment to their satisfaction. Your customers will notice, and most importantly – reward you!

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