You have effectively adapted your people to be remote, but is employee morale high?  Many folks are fighting isolation. Do they feel you are supportive?

Employees anticipate more from you, as their employer, due to this situation, and that their work lives are challenging.  Are you continually communicating, being honest, and showing empathy?

The more we solve human needs, the more we can expect to have a highly engaged, healthy, and efficient workforce in the future.

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Making sure employees stay with you

  1. Organizing Stay Interviews
    • Check-in with high-performing employees.
    • Signal that these conversations are a two-way chat.
    • Give employees time to prepare their thoughts.
    • Commit to positive changes.
    • Start with easy to answer questions to put your employees at ease.
    • Credit employees for ideas coming from these “stay” interviews.
    • Avoid sounding like you are making excuses.
    • Respond to employee concerns or needs without being defensive.
  2. Investing in your people
    • Offer online training and continuous learning opportunities.
    • Encourage acquiring new skills in every company meeting.
    • Develop coaching and mentoring programs for employees at all levels.
    • Trumpet your employee’s progress and successes.
    • Expand responsibilities for your top performers.
    • Find out what matters to your employees.
    • Champion your team’s accomplishments and regularly share how their efforts contribute to the company’s current recovery status.
  3. Emphasizing a collaborative environment
    • Be open to and accepting of new ideas.
    • Provide clear and concise directions in your communications.
    • Establish a platform for anonymously airing concerns/problems.
    • Train people to be more collaborative as part of their daily routines.
    • Recognize and celebrate successes and everyone who contributed.
    • Concentrate on nurturing your people’s collaboration skills.



The importance of retention is not just to minimize the cost of the replacement but also to increase sales and employee morale.  Right now, you are in a rebuilding phase.

It would be best if you had everyone at their peak performance. It will pay off in the long run when you retain the people you invested in developing and those you rely on for critical skills, knowledge, and relationships.

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