Before the pandemic, you designed, created, and sustained your high-performance enterprise. While every day right now is a new challenge, due to our uncertainty and stress created by the pandemic, now is the time to drive a sense of urgency and direction within your entire organization. 

Prepare for your business’ future and at the same time, keep your pre-pandemic vision and values. Your immediate goals are to develop a variety of strategic scenarios to revive your existing organization and to be able to adjust to competitive situations and operational challenges as they unfold.

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  • Diligent executive project manager offering a proven record of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects; business transformation leader with more than 25 years of project management experience and as a financial executive, leading to being Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the City of Boston.
  • As a business strategist, I planned and managed multimillion-dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage, and bottom-line gains; Collaborated with multiple customer entities to conceptualize and implement innovative manufacturing processes, cost-saving supplier metrics, and digital enablement road-maps.
  • An influential a visionary with empowering and the motivational a leadership style that brings out the best in all project participants, both internal and client staffs; create alliances in efforts to achieve business goals, and quickly turns negative financials into positives.

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Reviving your business into your future company


Your starting point depends on three factors: current performance, short-term objectives, long-term financials, and competitive situation.

  1. Rebuilding and reshaping your future company culture
    • Set your precedent for upholding the pre-COVID culture and values to managers and employees.
    • Translate your rebuilding strategies, vision, and revitalization culture to all managers and employees by communicating directly with them.
    • Be more accessible, so you are aware of issues/concerns and they are addressed and resolved effectively.
  2. Aligning your values and evolving goals
    • Communicate with team leaders and middle managers, your overall goals, and show them how to define their subtasks in support of those goals.
    • Reward short-term wins and mark improvements with positive reinforcement.
    • Encourage all employees with career progression plans as key features of your long-term business goals.
  3. Creating value and sustainability
    • Ask managers and team leaders to identify weekly recipients of your “Above and Beyond” awards to be given during virtual “All Hands” meetings.
    • Verify you have the right individuals in leadership and managerial positions that are supporting your vision and goals.
    • Create interim team leaders and project managers positions to drive passion, innovation, and flexibility for your vision and future growth.
    • Request volunteers for mentoring “Above and Beyond” recipients.
    • Make calls to your customers to inform them of your strategies and update them monthly on your progress.



Your ability to sustain your delivery of quality products and/or services is essential to your long-term success. Restore your organizational competence and your capacity for high performance will return.

AccuComp Enterprises collaborate with business and technology leaders to support the formulation and execution of transformational strategies. As your business partner, together, we can achieve your intended business outcomes by bringing the best of process re-engineering, technology experiences, and advanced business analysis.

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