Despite the severe health and humanitarian crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, your business needs to regain its former posture. The challenge is complicated by uncertainties about the progression of COVID-19. You can turn this crisis into an opportunity through winning strategies and innovative planning. Time is now to take those steps.

What is the best way to drive your innovative efforts inside your organization? Make sure you define and celebrate small goals on the way to your transformation.

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Do not look for the big, quick improvements – enjoy your lasting small gains.


With all this in mind, it is the small steps you take that need to be acknowledged and appreciated as the steps leading to your successful transformation. Motivation is a huge factor in whether you succeed and can motivate your project teams by celebrating small wins.

  1. Breaking down large milestones into smaller tasks
    • Hire Business Transformation expert to coordinate your Innovation Transformation Team and associated project teams.
    • Define your overall Transformation goals.
    • Create small and achievable tasks as subgoals for each milestone.
    • Measure your progress in a shared and consistent manner.
    • Build support for your efforts and attract those who are not actively participating.
  2. Rewarding your teams who are achieving your small advances
    • Empower employees to act on your transformation tasks.
    • Reward short-term wins and mark improvements with positive reinforcement.
    • Use their successes as your means to validate your vision and strategies.
    • Give your hard-working project teams regular “pats on the back” and emotional uplifts.
  3. Taking time to get multifunctional “buy-in” throughout your organization
    • Ensure all affected groups agree on the timetable for task completion.
    • Expand project teams to include “Subject Matter Experts.”
    • Allow the appropriate time for testing and acceptance of subgoals.
    • Evaluate your progress.
    • Continuously improve your approach.



How eager is your staff for innovative transformation? Delivering small wins by some project teams, builds momentum, helping your culture of innovative transformation takes root. Other teams, seeing what is working, will start to say, “we want that too,” and demand will grow. Over time, as these successes will build up – your transformation goals will be attained.

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